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AI Methods
Towards smart aviation

Driving artificial intelligence to turn weather predictions into right decisions

An early warning system for stable ATM strategies 

In current practice, air traffic controllers are provided with thunderstorm predictions 3 hours in advance. This lack of information impedes the strategic planning of traffic operations, forcing air traffic controllers to manage demand-capacity balancing issues from thunderstorms in a tactical fashion, which can lead to chaotic situations and an excess of delays due to weather.

Why don't we change this?

Improved accuracy

Have you ever imagined being able to predict severity and altitude of thunderstorms up to 36 hours in advance?

Intelligence worldwide

Interested in knowing the weather forecast for a specific region of the world? We can make it possible anywhere.

More safety & less delays

What if you were able to improve aviation safety and reduce flight delays?

Weather accounts for one quarter of en-route ATFM delay. 

Yearly costs due to delay can reach into the billions of euros.

Year 2018


4,810 minutes of delay

Year 2019


3,637 minutes of delay

Year 2022


3,657 minutes of delay

Source: EUROCONTROL Annual Performance Review Report

A UC3M spin-off

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AI METHODS was born from a research project at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). It has now become a spin-off of the university, which has a stake in the company.


The close relationship between AI METHODS and the Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M provides a continuous pipeline of research insights and high-quality talent to an industry suffering from a skills shortage.


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Are you ready to lead the next revolution in aviation?

Emerging technologies are driving a new industrial revolution around the world. But artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly become one of the most powerful drivers of that revolution.


The time has come to unleash its potential in the aviation and air traffic management sector.

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