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AI METHODS has joined the ESA BIC Madrid region program

This month, AI Methods has joined the ESA BIC Comunidad de Madrid program, the Business Incubation Center of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Community of Madrid, coordinated by Fundación madri+d.

The program provides incentives for entrepreneurs (incubatees) to receive commercial and technical assistance in the development of their companies. It promotes the use of space technology for non-space industrial, scientific, and commercial applications ("spin-off") or applying non-space technology to create products and services for the space sector ("spin-in").

As an AI start-up specializing in developing models to improve weather forecasts for the aeronautical sector, the ESA BIC program offers AI Methods a unique opportunity to integrate into the space ecosystem.

The potential to develop additional space-related products is significant, as space technology enables atmospheric measurements (Earth observation, radio occultations, and Global Navigation Satellite System).

During the next 18 months in the ESA BIC program, AI METHODS has the primary goal of integrating additional satellite observation data into its artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the prediction of various weather phenomena such as turbulence and fog.


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